Rehab2Wellness (R2W) System

Our Rehab2Wellness treatment approach reflects the understanding the chiropractic and physiotherapy are a great match and work well together.

We use a 3-stage treatment approach

Stage 1

–  Inflammatory/ Acute Pain:  The goal of this stage is to reduce pain levels.  This lasts 1-3 weeks depending on the severity of your condition.  During this time, you will receive hands-on therapies from our board certified chiropractor, Dr. Paul Roscioli. Therapies are gentle and safe.

Stage 2

– Repair/Remodeling: The goal of this stage is to re-establish movement and pain-free activity.  This is the most important stage of care because we are treating the underlying cause of your condition.  You will be prescribed simple home exercises which can take as little as 2 minutes per day.

Stage 3

– Maintenance: this stage is optional.  Some patients are predisposed to certain pain syndromes due to other conditions or lifestyle habits.  Construction work, manual labor or even desk work can put you in a higher risk category.  In cases such as these, we may recommend preventative maintenance.

At Rehab2wellness, we customize a treatment plan for every patient taking into consideration the chiropractic diagnosis, treatment options, and convenience factors.