How Much Does a Chiropractor Cost?

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment = $60

Pain is costly, but your healthcare doesn’t have to be

Patients with and without health insurance can enjoy chiropractic benefits due to its relative low cost.  No one likes a surprise when it comes to their health care bills, so we have developed an open-door billing policy.  You will NEVER receive an unexpected bill from our office, that’s our promise to you.

We accept your insurance plan

We accept most major insurance plans.  Additionally, most insurance plans have chiropractic coverage.  We will help you understand what your insurance covers BEFORE you begin your care.

How can I find out how much it will cost Me?

During your free consultation, our experienced staff will call your insurance company for you, to find out how much, if anything, it may cost.  Please take advantage of our free, in-office consultation.

No Insurance = No Problem

Healthcare is affordable at our Havertown location.  If you do NOT have health insurance you may qualify for discounted rates by simply paying at the time of service.  Many patients choose this payment option to reduce the burden of high insurance co-pays.  Consultations are complimentary, and there is no obligation to discussing your personal or financial needs with the doctor.  Please feel free to take advantage of our complimentary offer by using the form located to the right.

Cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care