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Sciatica  ||  Arthritis  ||  Plantar Fasciitis ||  Neuropathy  ||  Rotator cuff injuries   

"Within 3 or 4 treatments I was back to normal operation and was able to compete in the event"

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"Being the runner that I am, I've tried stretching, icing, etc. Even after one session, the laser is the way to go."

- Dave (Ridley, PA)

"I've tried heel inserts in my cleats and I don't even need them anymore. Safe to say I'll be seeing this magic wand again.

- Luke (Havertown, PA)

How it Works

Q&A - Laser Therapy

How much does it cost? - Laser visits are sold in packages, and it comes to about $40/visit. Many conditions require about 10 visits.

How long does a visit take? - visits usually take less than 15 minutes.

What does a laser treatment feel like? - the warm soothing light creates a soothing warmth that heels tissue

Are there any side-effects? - Laser therapy is safe and effective. A qualified professional will assess your condition before treatment to ensure that it is safe.

How long until I feel results? - Many conditions will resolve in about 10 visits.

Are there any safety reasons why I can't have laser therapy?
Pacemakers, systemic diseases (i.e. cancer), and over the thyroid area are reasons we do not do laser.
For other concerns, talk to Dr. Roscioli

What does treatment cost?

Studies have indicated that following through with a 6-10 session regimen is optimal for best results.
  • 6 Treatments $299
  • 10 Treatments $399
  • 20 Treatments $699

**If you are a new patient to our office, Dr. Roscioli welcomes you to discuss whether laser therapy is right for

you. He will perform an initial examination; your health insurance may have Chiropractic coverage and
could help cover the cost of the exam.
Insurance does not cover the cost of laser visits but your flexible spending or health savings accounts
will. The office staff will furnish you with a statement of services that will serve as your receipt

What are commonly treated conditions?

Spine  |  Neck  | Shoulder  |  Knee  |  Foot  |  Hand  | TMJ  |  

Nerve: Neuropathy @ hands/feet

Spine: Sciatica, Disc disease (bulges, herniations, injuries) Spinal stenosis, Arthritis 

General: Soft tissue injuries, Anti-inflammation/swelling,

Foot: Plantar Fasciitis  | Neuropathy |  Achilles tendinitis


Muscle strains and tears Knee PainJoint and muscle pain -  Shoulder and Rotator CuffPre and post surgical treatment Elbow PainArthritis and degenerative joint conditions Low Back Pain



Fast, Soothing Relief

Safe | FDA-cleared Laser

  • Save $$$$ and even avoid surgery
  • 9/10 start feeling relief in < 3 visits
  • Read it on PubMed

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To "FIX" your agonizing foot pain - you need painful injections, expensive surgery and a lot of patience, right? WRONG!

The foot pain that has you shuffling every morning does NOT require an expensive budget.

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Financing For Class IV Laser treatments

We offer financing for Laser therapy treatments through Care Credit