Chiropractic Diagnosis

Our chiropractors are licensed to diagnose and treat your muscle, nerve and joint problems

An examination should be the very first step to ANY treatment plan, and is used to determine what the problem is. This “chiropractic diagnosis” is done on your very first visit to our office.

Dr. Paul Roscioli is licensed to diagnose and treat your muscle, joint, or nerve problems. Quick, simple, in-office evaluations will help narrow down the cause of your problem.

The examination takes about 15 minutes to complete and helps us determine the best plan of action to deal with your symptoms. We will share our conclusions and recommendations in a 15-minute ‘Report of Findings’ that will spell out our assessment of the situation including:

  • the cause of your pain and/or discomfort;
  • a recommended treatment plan;
  • how long it will take; and
  • how much it will cost.

Take the first step today and schedule your evaluation.